his first snow day

As a kid, I thought snow days were like finding a pot of gold.  It was a day to stay home, get extra cuddles with my mum, watch movies, boss my little brother (poor guy!), and discover all the the ways to play in the snow with all the kids on our block. I thought snow days would never be as amazing as the ones I experienced as a kid. Until…we had our own little love.

snow day 01mother nature, you are hilarious.  who is ready for spring?  (raised hand)

snow day 02

those cheeks.  i die.

snow day 03

pebs getting in on the fun. 

snow day 04

admist the snow falling outside, he is hard at work.  did i mention he is quite the catch?

Getting a whole extra day to watch him play, explore his world, tell me stories in his precious baby banter, and make us laugh with his theatrical eyebrows was pure icing to my day. While we REALLLLLLY wanted to take him outside to play in the snow, instead we watched it from inside. (Don’t worry, mum and Mama R!). While some were going stir crazy from being stuck in their home for the past two days, I took this as a chance to cozy up with my sweet boys & our ball of poof as we silently whispered prayers of gratitude for being home safe and sound.

snow day 05

snow day 06 this kid and his books.  i think we might be best buds if he loves to read as much as his mama!

snow day 07trying out this crawling thing.

I know these days are short, and Noah man will not be this age forever. Before I know it, he will be a teenager whisking off with his friends to go sledding on his snow days. So, I intend to soak up every waking moment I got to ensure I never miss these moments. This might have been his first snow day, but this sure beats any snow day I have experienced.

snow day 08 Stay warms out there, friends!

Martha - I love the “No, No, Noah” book! So cute!


the power of deep breathing & finding beauty

It is a moment of being still.  The deep breaths.  The feeling of letting go.  The powerful feeling of gratitude overtaking every inch of your body.  This is yoga.

Shortly after graduation, I discovered this beautiful form of art.  However, I will be honest.  I quit after the second class. It was hard and the part where they turn the temperature to 110 degrees brought me back to a trip to India I took when I was 16 years old.  A year later, I faced a pretty dark time where my head was in a big, black cloud.  This is where I gave yoga a second chance.  I am so glad I did.  For the next few months, I spent evenings at the yoga studio clearing my mind, focusing on holding a pose, understanding the power of deep breathing, and melting into the most amount of gratitude I had felt in months.  Yoga helped me pull myself together and open my mind to the amazing opportunities life has to offer.

Most do not know the amazing benefits that come with yoga.  Even occupational therapists will attest to its benefits! It increases flexibility, increases strength, improves posture, educates on deep breathing, lowers blood pressure, boosts oxygen levels to the brain, and relieves arthritic pain.  The list really goes on but this is a few of the main benefits according to my wise friend, WebMD.

I recently discovered two amazing, budget-friendly ways to continue my practice with yoga and pilates.  Kansas City’s Lululemon store offers yoga classes for FREE.  Another favorite site of mine is Do Yoga With Me.  There are more yoga and pilate classes than I know what to do with, but they are all free and can be done in the comfort of my own home.  And, oh my stars do they work. you. out!

With yoga, it allows me to focus on the beauty life has to offer. It surrounds us everywhere.  We just have to be willing to be open to it.  So here is to looking for beautiful elements in hidden places, breathing a little deeper, letting go of the unknown, and being ecstatic for what is to come!


(thank you, Pinterest)


the beginning

Five years ago, I was a gal with an engineering degree in one hand and holding on to dear life with the other hand.  I was lost.  Plain and simple.  I knew there was a greater purpose for my existence.  I also realized I would not find it while working in a profession that was not suited for me.  Thankfully, I did not have to make this decision.  I have an idea of who was responsible for the infamous 24 hours.  All I can say is thank you.  Because during those 24 hours, my entire life changed.  It was in those 24 hours, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and lost my first and last engineering job.  It was in those 24 hours, I begin to understand what happens when life hands you lemons.  You begin to learn the art of making lemonade.

I have faced some pretty dark times.  Challenging times.  Surprising times.  However, through each dark, challenging and surprising moment, I have been left speechless of the beautiful marks they have left within my heart.  I mean, there was a time were Bryan and I were unemployed together after three weeks of being newlyweds during the economy’s worse time possible to only find ourselves debt-free 18 months later?  Or to have found out our sweet, little blessing was going to be a NICU baby yet I made the choice to return back to OT school with no maternity leave two weeks after giving birth and finished the program six months later.  Yes, we may have been out of our minds.  But, we have also lived the reality of what happens after hard work and making dreams something more than a figment of our imagination.

This lovely, little creation started as an idea shortly after I became a mama.  There I was holding a newborn baby in the NICU, fearful for our future, and wishing there was a space to feel inspired by someone else in my shoes.  Enter The Art of Making Lemonade.  This space is a place for me to document our life through photographs, to share the ups and downs of being a mama to our sweet little man, express my love for all things artsy and creative, cook up gluten-free concoctions in the kitchen, write my thoughts on us and how love truly prevails all, and record my journey and knowledge as an OT.  I have learned we all are given one life to live.  Why not make it one that is worth it?!  Because really, at the end of the day, a glass of lemonade is one that is good for the soul.

the beginning

Kathleen - Shef, congrats on the new adventure! I love the site, so excited for you!!!