Most people call me Shefy.  My brother calls me Shef.  My husband calls me Wifey.  You can choose.  (Maybe not Wifey.)  My story is one with many twists and turns.  And through this story, I have learned what happens when life hands you lemons.  You begin to learn the art of making lemonade.  

Our Wedding

I am slightly obsessed with cupcakes of the gluten free kind. Traveling anywhere and everywhere makes me feel free. Photographs that tell stories are my absolute favorite. Books are an indescribable type of soul food. Kids and their unconditional love fill my heart with joy. Music moves me. I love everything about cowboy boots and small towns but I am a city gal at heart. Anthropologie and Kate Spade make me feel like a little girl on Christmas morning. I wish I could eat sushi and frozen custard every day. Deciding to pursue a crazy dream by trading my corporate heels for scrubs to become an occupational therapist was one of the hardest and best decisions I ever made.  So much so, I have never looked back.

Our Adventures

Watching Friends is my bad day cure. As are cupcakes.  Multi-tasking is a skill I own. The “Shefy Shake” is my infamous dance move. Pretty paper, vintage and antique pieces are eye candy. My heart belongs in Italy.  My mum is who I aspire to be and the very best Indian cook I know. Ever. Nothing feels more like home than watching the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball. I am a hopeless romantic. Spoiling our sweet and fluffy pup is what we do.  I used to sketch flowers all over my fifth grade notebook only to find out later that Shefali meant ‘a flower’.

Our Growing Family

Fun dresses and colorful jewelry are my weaknesses. Oh, who am I kidding? Shoes are as well. I am insanely in love with my husband, Bryan. He is my better half and without him, I cannot breathe. And, I thank God every day for him.  Twice.  He is also the reason why I want four little boys just. like. him.  I never truly understood the power of praying until now. I look up to my little brother. I dream in color.  One of my all-time favorite photographs is kissing my daddy on his cheek circa 1988; he is the one who constantly inspires me everyday. My camera and writing are extensions of my soul.

Our Little Miracle Baby

God brewed up a far better plan than we could have ever imagined when one early October evening, we saw two pink lines on a pregnancy test only to find out we were going to be blessed with our little man come June 19th.  However, we embarked upon the best, most emotionally challenging, and humbling of experiences as we welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world a few weeks early and will forever remember those two weeks in the NICU.  It was a time where God single handedly changed both our hearts and gave us the honor of becoming a Papa and Mama Bear to our sweet little man.  Ever since then, I am head-over-heels in love with our babes, their daddy, our pup, and our oh so crazy and messy yet beautiful life!

Our Life with Our Babes

I laugh loudly. I cry easily. I pray like crazy.  I hate being alone. I live colorfully. I am constantly thankful. I dream big. Grab a glass of lemonade (or wine), get cozy, and join me on this exciting and beautiful adventure.

Our Story ContinuesC