good reads: the lucky few

Let me start by saying this book left me in big, ugly mama tears.  Sobbing in bed.  At midnight.  Because it was THAT good.  As in I re-read the last chapter again because oh. my. word.  Her writing was powerful.  Leaving my heart full.

the lucky few

I would be lying if I said that adoption is not something we think about quite often.  Bryan and I started this discussion when Noah was a little tot babbling around our home. It is still a seed God planted in our hearts we pray about daily.  What a wonderful way to bring a child into a family who may not have the necessary resources or parents to give him or her the life they deserve to live.

After reading The Lucky Few, Heather not only showed me through her own experiences, but through her truth-filled words, how amazing life can turn out if you trust in God’s plan and walk into the unknown while being pushed into discomfort only to find true beauty.  This beauty may lie in that of a child with Down syndrome.  A child with a different skin color of your own.  A child who requires more medical attention.  Yet, this pushing leads to a lifetime of heart-melting memories with little ones who may not share your DNA but share your heart, your love, and your morals.  It may also lie in other aspects of our lives where we are afraid to uncover what is yet to be discovered.  It may be leaving a job you hate or taking a leap of faith in falling in love.  Whatever it may be, it leads to blessings that you get to experience daily.

I will leave you with my most favorite passage in her book…

I believe that at some point in our lives each of us has the opportunity to leave our comfortable path and head into the wilderness.  Each of us will at some point hold a “yes pebble” in our hands.  My hope and prayer for all of us is that we will be willing to toss those pebbles into the murky waters and get our fancy shoes dirty in the mud.  My hope is that as we say yes, the ripples of our decisions will begin to form wonderful waves.  Waves, my friends, cannot be ignored.

I wake up every day excited and a tiny bit terrified as I look forward to hearing God’s call.  Upon first glance at my rambunctious children, the ones jumping on my bed, ready for the day before the sun has come up.  I’m reminded of just how lucky I am to be in this place and in this time.  I think about how lucky all of us are when we finally allow God to gently push us toward the places where he’s waiting to be discovered.  Not a whole lot of us choose to leave that path of easy, normal, and nice, the one covered in rose petals and lined with solar-powered lamps.  But for those of us who do, we really and truly are the lucky few.

If you are looking for a book to warm your heart, read Heather’s words.  But, be sure to have a box of tissues nearby because those happy and grateful tears are truly difficult to avoid!

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