letters to nikhil: happy first birthday!!!

Dear Nikhil,

We are in shock.

Because here we are.

Celebrating your first birthday!

You are ONE today, love.


first birthday for nik 01

This was easily the fastest year of our lives.

You came into this world quietly in the early morning hours.  

first birthday for nik 02

Since that very beautiful day, you have acquired a fun and BIG personality.

Just like your big brother.

first birthday for nik 03

You have a laugh and smile that is absolutely contagious.

Our bad day blues get chased away with those big eyes and giggles of yours in a heartbeat.

first birthday for nik 04

You are a dream second babe.

You have a reserved and quiet side.

first birthday for nik 05

Especially when you watch us run around and play in the evening with your big brother.

You find any way to contribute to the fun we have as a family.

You are brilliant, sweets.  It amazes us how quickly you pick up a new skill.  

first birthday for nik 06

Sharing gives you the greatest joy.  Toys, food, and kisses.  It lights up our hearts.

Many moons ago, Noah whispered his wishes for a baby brother…

first birthday for nik 07

He was praying for you long before we even knew of you.

The day you were born was the day you blessed Noah with a best friend for life.

first birthday for nik 08

He loves you an incredible amount.

The kind of love that makes us stop in our tracks and thank God for blessing us with the two of you.

first birthday for nik 09

You are CRAZY about food.  We still have yet to find something you do not like to eat.  It makes us laugh daily how quickly you dash to the dinner table for your meals.  

You are fearless.  It is both terrifying and amazing to witness.

first birthday for nik 10

The way you walk with confidence even when you are still learning to balance yourself will never get old to us.  

All your firsts are just as amazing to experience the second time around.

You are absolutely HILARIOUS.  You can send the three of us in a fit of laughter with your expressions.  

first birthday for nik 11

You were never one to snuggle.    

Until the last few weeks.  

You know us.  Our hearts.  Our love.  

You melt into our arms.  It is an indescribable feeling, sweets.

first birthday for nik 12

They are our favorite kind of moments with you.

first birthday for nik 13

You taught us this past year that our dreams can change.  

Into dreams that we never imagined.

first birthday for nik 14

And, they end up being better.

Far better.

first birthday for nik 15

You have lit up our lives.

You have made our home full.

You are the perfect missing piece we had been praying for our family.

Thank you.

For giving us hands down the best and most humbling year yet.

We love you something fierce.

Happy First Birthday, little love!!!

first birthday for nik 16


Daddy and Mama (and Noah)

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