seven years

To my love,

It has been quite the year.  

Can you believe this is our seventh wedding anniversary?

Where has the time gone?!

We joke if either has felt the seven year itch.

Yet we both shake our heads no and agree, it still feels like our first year of marriage.

Bryan, you have shown me what true, raw, and unconditional love looks like in our seventh year.

To love me at my absolute worst.  

To look past my flaws. 

To only see the good my heart holds.

You make sure I laugh each day.

And, you always walk through the door with a smile, kiss, and a helping hand ready to tackle the evening with our sweet, little circus.  After a long days work.

You seize to amaze me because with everything you do and how exhausted you may feel, I have never heard you complain.  Once.

In which, I lay awake at night at times and ask God how I was gifted with you as my husband.

The one that leads our family.  Strong and steady.  

Always with a patient heart.

In all my fourteen years of being in love with you, I have yet to hear you raise your voice.  

You always say, I have helped you become a better man.

I am sorry, my love.

But, it is you who has helped me become a stronger version of the girl you met in college.

In the past, I have said I wanted four little boys just like you.

Halfway there, and this dream of mine, it has not changed.  

Because you make it easy, my love.

Even on our most challenging days.

The days where we want to throw the towel in and wonder what were we thinking with this thing called parenthood.

Even on those days.

I still go to bed dreaming about four brown-haired, hazel-brown-eyes boys.  

What I love even more is how you dream about a brown-haired, brown-eyes little girl.  

“Just like her mama,” you say.

Who I know, if we have, you will be her best friend. 

I want to thank you.

For not letting me get lost this past year.

I did briefly.

Yet, you helped me find my way.

You encouraged me to dream.

You told me not to give up my love for the camera and writing.

To try new things and revisit old things.

And, I am so proud of you.  

For not giving up on your passions.

To make time for what you love while somehow juggling a career and being a hands-on dad beautifully.

Babe, I thought the day I met you was the day I would love you the most.  Because I knew.  Deep down, I knew you were it for me.

But, I was wrong.

Because I was sure the day I married you would be the day I love you the most.  

Yet again, I was wrong.

The day you made me a mum to our second, healthy baby boy was the day my heart exploded for you.

And, that love gets stronger each and every day for you.

I mean it when I say, I literally cannot breathe without you.

You are my home.

Thank you for seven years of absolute wedded bliss.  

It has been beyond spectacular.

Far better than my wildest dreams.

I love you with all my heart.

seven years

Happy Anniversary, my love!

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