he dreams of being a daddy

The other night, I asked Noah what he wanted to be when he grows up.  Fully expecting him to say an astronaut, scientist, doctor, Lego builder, or teacher, he replied without hesitation, a daddy just like my daddy.  I stopped everything I was doing at that moment, and just squeezed our sweet boy.

For all the wrong you think you are doing during your day as a father, you are doing one very important and big thing right, B.  You have taught by example to our little love how to be an AMAZING daddy.

I wish I could keep track of the number of times Noah tells me he misses you throughout the day.

Or the way, Nik crawls into every room searching for his dada. Only to light up with a HUGE smile when you come walking through our front door.

The way they find you the fun one.

Their partner-in-crime and adventure seeker.

You are the strongest person Noah knows.  He tells me all the time.

And, I am told you can fix anything. Even if I tell him, I can do it. But, he insists you do it better (which is probably true).

One time I asked him who is stronger, Daddy or Superman.  In the very next breath, he answered, daddy.  No questions asked.

He is so proud of you.

I told him what you do every day when you are working hard.

He knows you design and build important things.

Which is always followed by, when I become like daddy, I will build big things like daddy. 

And, let’s face it.

After the amazing Lego buildings he has built, you know he is going to do something great.

And, I know, you will be the first one he thanks.

Because you are always there for our boys.

Big or small.

You have never missed one event, game, or celebration.

To our boys, you are their bestest buddy and their forever hero.

Cheers to all the spectacular fathers, hopeful, current, and expecting, to my wonderful father-in-laws, my kind-hearted and loyal daddy, and my husband, the love of my life who continues to beautifully juggle both fatherhood and a career.

Thank you for all you do.  For the love and support.  And, for always having a place for our children to land into with your soft hearts and strong arms.

Happy (Early) Father’s Day!

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