before I was a mother…

Take a moment and time travel with me.

To a time that was simple and relaxed.

Before I had tiny feet pitter pattering on our wooden floors.

A time, before I was a mother where…

I slept eight to ten hours a night.  Uninterrupted sleep that is.

I played the “I never” game referring to our future children.  Especially the “my child will never act like this in public.”  (Insert gasp.)

I judged my mama friends for not being able to sneak out for a drink or talk on the phone.  On the same day I had asked.  (Insert a bigger, more shameful gasp.)

My home was always clean and the walls did not have an “accidental” mural of our two year old’s masterpiece done by the mysterious crayon he found from an even more mysterious spot.

I went on a date with my husband and enjoyed dinner in the evenings while talking about our dreams.  Dreams we hoped to achieve within a few short years.

I ate breakfast while reading a good book and getting ready for work at my own leisure.

I experienced the stunning sights the world had to offer with my better half without a care in the world and wondering if our toddler was behaving, sleeping, and missing the living daylights out of him.

And, there is that moment when I realize after I became a mother…

When nothing else, no accomplishments, no dreams, no amount of travel and no amount of peace and simplicity would ever compare to the challenges and absolute joy of raising our boys.

I suddenly did not care that our dining table had dried up milk rings, our walls had scuffs from when our oldest little love thought it would be hilarious for the trains to collide, or that I cannot remember what my hair looked like from last night because it is three o’clock in the afternoon and I am pretty sure I am still rocking the bedhead look.  As in I showed up at pick-up at our son’s school with said bedhead hair.

And, I realized the hustling to make morning drop-off or pick-up at school on time, the never ending piles of laundry to fold, bathing our littlest babe, scrubbing milk stains out of the couch, and chasing our toddler on the playground to convince him naptime sounds more fun is all a part of this sweet season of life that is passing by all too quickly.

Those dreams I spoke of before motherhood, they may look different.  But, my reality.  Well, it is far better than what I had dreamt of years ago.

Before motherhood was pretty great.  But, time and time again, I will always choose life after motherhood.  Hands down. No questions asked.  I am crazy in love with our chaotic and adorable mess of little loves that have truly bestowed upon me this wildly wonderful thing called motherhood.

To all the amazing mothers around the world who are expecting, current, hopeful, and ones who have lost, especially to the two OUTSTANDING women better known as my mother-in-law and my own mum, THANK YOU.

Although it will never be enough, thank you for your kind (and very patient) hearts, for showing what unconditional love and a nurturing soul can do for a child, and for teaching our children to become humble individuals in this crazy world.

before I was a mother

Happy Mother’s Day!

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