the lowdown on cloth diapers

In honor of making our world a more beautiful place and the upcoming celebration of our planet, I thought I would write my thoughts on our experience with cloth diapers.

I should probably preface by saying using cloth diapers is not for everyone.  And, I will stand-by using cloth diapers and breastfeeding.  And, while our boys love their vegetables and fruits and eat a wholesome meal most days, there are times when they eat hot dogs for lunch and fish sticks for dinner. It seems as though it is hard to be a parent this day in age.  There is so much pressure about the way to feed your child, sleeping locations and methods, and how to discipline them.  It is a wonder why our mothers looked less stressed and more care-free without social media!  With that said, I adore all the different methods of parenting and truly believe no method is better than another method.

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I get asked quite often what led us to use cloth diapers.  The decision was quite simple.  We wanted to save money on the cost of diapers and cause less waste to our environment.  We try to be as “green” as possible in our home, and we thought this was another way to continue protecting our world.  If using cloth diapers is not for you, like I said, no. big. deal!  There are other eco-friendly options for using diapers.

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For newborn cloth diapers, we actually did a rental through a local favorite called Teeny Greeny.  We paid a $300 deposit.  The rental was for 24 cloth diaper covers, 24 liners, and a package of cloth diaper detergent.  It was $12 per week.  We only used the newborn cloth diapers for twelve weeks.  At the end of our rental period, we could choose between receiving store credit and the first six weeks of our rental free or we could receive the difference of deposit and our rental for the ten weeks in cash refund.  We chose the store credit since we wanted to get more cloth diapers!  It was a great option, and Heather at Teeny Greeny was amazing.  She made the entire process quick and easy.  And, the covers and liners were of excellent quality!

After the newborn period, we used BumGenius as our choice.  We had quite a few from when Noah was a baby, and we loved the brand.  We spent around $300 for the BumGenius diapers and liners.  However, Heather introduced us to a newer brand that we have fallen more in love with as it provides extra support for leakage.  We use Thirsties Duo Wrap.  And, they come in fun colors and prints for a VERY affordable price.  We use separate liners that we bought when we did cloth diapers with Noah.  We place the liners in the cover and snap it all together.  It really is not much work from placing a disposable diaper on a baby.

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When washing the cloth diaper covers and liners, we place the load of diaper covers and liners in the washing machine on a cold water rinse cycle.  Then, we wash it once again with cloth diaper detergent on a hot water cycle with an extra rinse cycle.  To dry the covers, we hang dry them or we place them on an energy-efficient setting in the dryer; for the liners, we place them on medium to high heat in the dryer.

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With Nikhil, we have to use disposable diapers at nap and night time (this kid has an overactive bladder!) to avoid leaks from happening which also was waking up our little love in the middle of the night.  And, I do remember using disposable diapers at night with Noah near the end of our cloth diaper use (around 2 years).

We used cloth diapers until Noah man was potty-trained, and we loved our experience!

It did take quite a bit of teamwork, but we can honestly say it was worth it to say that we are saving our planet, one cloth diaper at a time.

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Happy (early) Earth day, friends!

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